Our Amazing Supporters

Join our growing community and become part of THE AGE OF LOVE outreach campaign. Your contribution will support our goal of changing lives by bringing senior speed dating events to communities around the country!

A contribution of $10 (or more!) makes you an Official Supporter of THE AGE OF LOVE. Your name will be included below along with your personal tribute in honor of an older adult whose love has inspired you in life.

Our team sends huge thanks to each of our supporters — and to the seniors who have shown them the potential of love, at any age....

For Mordecai Lurie   ♥   for passing along your immense piano skills that allowed me to make a living at the work I love.

Don Golden

For my beautiful Mom in heaven   ♥   you are an example of everything I need to be...

Judy Via-Wolff

For my mother-in-law, Tracy   ♥   thank you for all the love you put into raising the fine, sensitive and caring man who became my husband.

Joey Lichtenstein

For my father, Louis   ♥   you showed me, by example, the acceptance of all people and got me involved in interfaith movements.

Nancy Rosenberg

For my dad   ♥   a huge influence in my life, you modeled generosity, selflessness and open-mindedness on which I've patterned my life, and which I hope I've passed on to my children.

Shelley Weiss

For my grandmother Nane   ♥   you taught me the spirit of 'shalom bayit' ("Sometimes, in love, you just have to bite your tongue.").

Loren Lichtenstein

For my mother Sabina   ♥   you worked three jobs and left me to fend for myself at age 6, and now I realize that my success in life is due to your 'tough love'.

Arie Ferber

For my cousin Irene   ♥   I always admired your independent spirit.

Joseph Bettinger

For Tracy, my mom   ♥   you are the one person in my life who showed me the meaning of unconditional love.


For May Bovenzi, my aunt   ♥   you taught me about two things that most people think are different but are the same: love and forgiveness.

Bobby DeLapa

For Sally Tvrdik, my mother   ♥   you are always right there for all of your 5 children, especially when any of us are in need.

Glenn Tvrdik

For Uncle Art   ♥   you taught me honesty and kindness and said you hoped that, when I am old, someone takes as good care of me as I took of you.

Jack Nau

For my dad   ♥   thank you for your wisdom, humor, sensitivity, adventure, insight, joyfulness, and love.

Wendy Valastro

For Bunny, my art teacher   ♥   you insist that everyone is an artist and your talents are masterful—making people feel truly good about themselves is your Art.

Mary Lou DeLapa

For my dad, Len   ♥   you taught me to see and to learn and to discover the world.

Judy Rosenberg

For Edna Bouchal, our friend   ♥   we admire the way you’ve handled aging without becoming 'old' - your varied interests, sense of humor, and independence are inspirational!

Margie and Tom Siembor

For my dad, Maurice   ♥   you taught me how to give respect and live with humility, and I think about you every day.

Ron Colton

For Great Aunt Maude Mae   ♥   you were a New Yorker at heart, living with a Duchess, getting a master's degree, but you came home to the hills of North Carolina to raise my mom, and then to help raise me. Now I'm the New Yorker!

Donna Shepherd

For Beatrice Collins, my Irish-Catholic nanny   ♥   you taught us the simplicity of a moral, faithful life, unconditional love and common sense—you still guide us..

Nathan Weiss

For my husband Tim   ♥   "you are the Christmas of my life" - is what you wrote to me in the card with a holiday bouquet - and how you announced your love for me.

Veronica Weider

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  ♥   Lindsay Lindenbaum   ♥   Jan Kisiel and Ed Downey   ♥   Leigh Phillips   ♥  

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