Host a Senior Speed Dating / Speed Friendship Event

A key element of our audience engagement program is to bring senior speed dating events (or 'speed friendship/companionship' events) to communities across the country. Our goals:

  • Set up community screenings and discussions of THE AGE OF LOVE that inspire and encourage groups to host senior speed dating events and bring positive change to local seniors' lives.
  • Distribute a Speed Dating Kit to inform and guide local hosts in all aspects of organizing a successful event, and support them in enlisting multi-generational community support.
  • Promote ongoing outreach and media coverage to grow a local and national conversation on the needs and desires of older adults. Defeat outdated stereotypes that seniors are 'beyond that' - and show the importance of seeking new connection and emotional growth throughout our lives.
  • Bring new companionship and connections - as well as confidence and empowerment - into the lives of as many older adults as possible.

So, if you represent a community group, educational institution or residential center or any area 'healthy aging' organization that is interested in becoming part of our initiative, please submit the inquiry form below, and we'll be in touch. We look forward to working with you!


As explained by speed dating organizer Loretta in Gilroy, CA: “It's just a matter of getting people together—not that you'll necessarily be dating anybody once the event is over. It's just meant to break down doors to finding new friendships, new connections. You might meet someone you'll be chatting with on the phone a lot and sharing thoughts with in the weeks to come, someone to take a walk with and make you feel good on a lonely day. Speed dating is not about getting married or wild romance, it's just an opportunity to make new connections, something you'll have fun doing. And our community really enjoys it.”

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