Fledgling Fund – Documentary Social Impact Grant

fledgling-fund-logoTHE AGE OF LOVE is incredibly proud to have received a $20k Fledgling Fund grant, awarded to documentary films ‘that have the potential to change hearts and minds and ignite social change through innovative distribution, strategic outreach and audience engagement.’

Our plan is to design and distribute a complete, do-it-yourself Senior Speed Dating/Speed Friendship event kit to be provided to all community centers and healthy aging programs that screen the film. Our goal is to foster both a new conversation between generations about emotional needs, as well as to provide seniors with an empowering, fun and much-needed social outlet.

Communities who organize an event will report local reaction, results and media attention back to this website, where anyone can then follow the progress of and response to the movement across the country.

If you’d like to lend support to our project in your community, please let us know.

And, if you’re single and over 70, get ready to date!



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