A UNIQUE MARKETING AND OUTREACH OPPORTUNITY for select companies and organizations seeking to capture the hearts and minds of America’s older population. (Note: if you're a group seeking to book a community screening go here.)

The creative team behind THE AGE OF LOVE—a humorous and poignant new documentary that breaks social stereotypes and assumptions about aging—is looking to team up with sponsors and partners for our 2016-2017 national community screening outreach campaign, as well as our planned 2017 broadcast television premiere. We offer your organization a way to connect with our shared audience in a uniquely entertaining and emotional way.


THE AGE OF LOVE follows the adventures of a group of seniors in Rochester, NY who sign up for a first-of-its-kind speed dating event for the 70+ generation.

Playful, funny, wise and inspiring, the film entertains and enlightens with a candor that puts media stereotypes to shame. Looking directly into the hearts of older singles who still yearn to be seen and understood, we come to realize just how much, and how little, our hearts and hopes change over a lifetime.


As we move ahead through this campaign, we're creating online resources and joining forces with 'healthy aging' educators, organizations and companies nationwide to present a new perspective on the emotional lives of seniors. Our goals are to:

1. Change media stereotypes by encouraging a national conversation on the ways our hearts and desires evolve over time.
2. Create opportunities for older adults to socially reconnect through a nationwide series of senior speed dating events.


The film tells a forward-thinking story of older adults who refuse to be defined by social attitudes. Becoming a sponsor provides an opportunity to join with us in opening eyes with an effective message that supports your mission, increases your organization’s visibility, and strengthens your connection to key concerns of members, customers and employees.

As we move ahead with community screenings, an educational release and a national broadcast of THE AGE OF LOVE, we ask you to consider the positive attention and goodwill a sponsorship will bring. While our audience includes all ages, we're finding particular interest among Baby Boomers seeking positive stories about aging—a key demographic for increasing your visibility and brand.


As a sponsor, we will prominently feature your organization’s name and logo on our website, screening and press materials and at upcoming promotional events. We'll work with you to highlight your organization's forward-thinking commitment to the hearts and desires of America's booming older population. We will also work with you to bring the film and its message directly to your employees, members, clients and public.


We ask that you promote the film's launch and themes through your normal channels of communication, including email, direct mail and social media. We will help create promotional content to fit your existing outreach avenues. We’ll work closely with your team to assure a strong presence in our ongoing engagement campaign.


You can sponsor national or community-targeted film screenings, promote your product at co-hosted senior speed dating events, and work with us to create unique projects which tap directly into the desires of your audience. Please request a Sponsorship Kit at the number below.


THE AGE OF LOVE, a production of Free Play Pictures LLC, was awarded a prestigious Fledgling Fund documentary engagement grant, awarded to films 'that have the potential to change hearts and minds and ignite social change through innovative distribution, strategic outreach and audience engagement.'


To join THE AGE OF LOVE and help change attitudes about seniors' hopes and desires, please contact Steven Loring at 585.451.9251 or by email for the latest info!

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For their generosity and vision, the producers extend sincere thanks to these sponsors of the Senior Speed Dating event seen in THE AGE OF LOVE.




The following Rochester organizations were the original sponsors of the Senior Speed Dating event seen in THE AGE OF LOVE. The film crew extends our sincere thanks for their vision in serving the needs of seniors!
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