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By Steve Moran, SeniorHousingForum.net, 1.15.2015senior-housing-forum-logo-crop

SHORTLY BEFORE CHRISTMAS, I STUMBLED ACROSS THIS FANTASTIC VIDEO TRAILER for an independent film titled “The Age of Love,” about seniors aged 70 to 90 trying out the world of speed dating. The first speed dating event was held in Beverly Hills in 1998. It was initially conceived to help Jewish singles meet and marry. Over time, it has evolved into a place for busy adults to meet potential partners in a short period of time.

So why not seniors?

I reached out to Steven Loring, the producer of the film, to learn more. He was gracious enough to give me access to the entire film which I watched over the Christmas holiday.    

Life When You Are Old

I am afraid that society and even we senior living providers see being old as this giant downhill slide. For those of us in the senior living space, we instinctively see our job as one of making that slide as gentle and comfortable as possible. This film is a great reminder that being old is much more about the physical than the mental.

Seniors are flocking to these events because they see significant life to live still in front of them. They want love and companionship; laughter and activity. The emotions of dating and falling in love and fearing rejections are not much different over age 70 than what they were in high school. The fear factor is high and yet . . . they are willing to take the risk because of the promise and hope of a deep meaningful relationship.

It is a powerful reminder that in a very real sense inside those old bodies we serve are individuals who want many of the same things they wanted when they were in their 20s. They are eager to LIVE.

A Marketing Masterpiece

When you visit the “Age of Love” website, you will find a couple of different ways to use this movie and this concept as a great marketing opportunity:

  • Hosting a screening could be a unique powerful reason to invite seniors and families to your community.
  • Even more intriguing would be for your community to hold a senior speed dating event. You would provide a practical unique event that hits the deepest need for love that each of your seniors has. Not only would it be a great way to get seniors into your community, it is a rich way to attract local media to your community.

Finally if you are a large corporate entity, and would have an interest in being a major sponsor of the film, Steven Loring would be interested in talking to you.


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