by Nunzio Santoro, Video Librarian — May 16, 2022

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REGARDLESS OF OUR BIOLOGICAL AGE, WE HAVE AN INNATE NEED FOR LOVE. Generally speaking, humans tend to view romance as scheduled by specific circumstances and strict age ranges. It is an ageist thought dynamic that is detrimental to a lot of people’s self-esteem. Steven Loring’s documentary finely captures a side of the older generations that, on a broader basis and within a larger societal perspective, is often underlooked.

One of the most common misconceptions about single baby boomers and other past generations is that having experienced a fulfilling life or saying goodbye to their lifelong partners, they must accept spending the rest of their lives by themselves. The Age of Love shatters that ageist stereotype by revealing the elderly community’s inner youth and drive for life that translates into dreams of future budding romances.  

The film centers on thirty seniors from the Rochester area in New York state taking part in a speed dating event. By relying upon individual interviews and detailed backstories that give a fair insight into their lives. Loring’s documentary optimistically contemplates the meaning of romantic love. It’s a moving and heartfelt piece that will have the audience—regardless of their age—feel a new sense of gratitude for their loved ones and realize the importance of living in the moment.

The Age of Love is not only relatable to any senior out there who may have a negative and solitary outlook on life, but it also provides a powerful message of intergenerational hope: There is no such thing as ‘too late,’ even when it comes to romance.

Highly recommended for film collections in academic libraries focusing on sociology and public libraries looking for a unique selection for the romance section. Nursing homes should look into securing the public performance rights to show this film in public.

What subjects or college majors would benefit from the content covered in this film?

A sociology major would really benefit of the integration of this title within a classroom setting.


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