‘THE AGE OF LOVE’ to air in Denmark and Sweden

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WE’RE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT both the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and Swedish Educational Broadcasting have licensed THE AGE OF LOVE for television airing in their respective countries.

It’s interesting to note that Sweden recently took the #1 spot as ‘the best country in the world to grow old’ in the 2013 Global AgeWatch rankings of world support for older populations. Sweden took top honors in all four categories, including the creation of an Enabling Environment allowing older adults “to live independent and self-reliant lives.” Overall, Nordic countries did best, with Norway and Iceland also in the top 10. Denmark was #17, the USA was at #8. At the bottom was Afghanistan, with an overall score of 3.3 out of 100. Check out this fascinating report.

And, if you’d like to raise your country’s ranking by broadcasting THE AGE OF LOVE, please contact our worldwide sales agent, Films Transit. Festivals and educational groups may contact us directly.

And, if you live in Scandinavia, watch your local listings!


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